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U.S. Medical Equipment Consultants, Inc.

Address:      5601 NW 72nd Street

                    Suite 324

                    Warr Acres, OK 73132


Phone:         (800) 808-8742

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USMEDIC recognizes that healthcare organizations and laboratories rely on the medical and lab equipment to perform critical patient care and research activities. Maintaining this equipment can be costly and time consuming. Historically, organizations purchase maintenance plans or extended service agreements (“Service Agreements”) from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (“OEM”) at the time of equipment purchase. Organizations are then required to manage numerous Service Agreements leading to additional internal costs. Moreover, the OEM plans often come with a very high price. USMEDIC’s equipment maintenance program replaces the organization's multiple Service Agreements with a comprehensive program that allows the organization to cover all desired equipment under one convenient plan. The USMEDIC Service Agreements offer the comparable coverage and benefits as the OEM plans with the added convenience and savings.  


Our insured Service Agreements are backed by the strength of an A-rated carrier, providing additional peace of mind to our partners. We also offer administration only programs whereby our partners fund claims and we manage the claim administration process. Partners can choose from programs that offer complete expense protection for all amounts associated with covered equipment failures and maintenance or they can choose from a variety of deductible program which offer the value of a self-insured program with the protection against unbudgeted claims expenses. Under these offerings known as Self-Insured Retention (SIR) programs, the client chooses the amounts they would like to budget for repair and maintenance of their equipment and any amounts over the budgeted amount for covered repairs and maintenance is paid for under the SIR program. This option helps organizations avoid budget breaking expenses.